How to choose the best CEH training provider

The information technology, information security, and data protection industry is absolutely booming today, with more and more jobs, positions, and career fields opening up on a very regular basis.

However, you are going to need to demonstrate that you not only have the technical competence and baseline experience necessary to deliver real results in the information security and data protection world, but you’ll also need to have specific certifications to pursue the career opportunities you have been dreaming about.

One of the most important certifications to receive is known as the Certified Ethical Hacker designation, which is only successfully achieved after completing an examination provided by a CEH training provider.

Here’s how to hook up with the right CEH training provider that will put you down the “fast-track” to getting this certification!

Ask friends or coworkers for personal recommendations for CEH training provider solutions

One of the easiest ways to get a proper recommendation for CEH training providers that are reliable, reputable, and have the kind of prestige you’re looking for is to ask your friends or coworkers that have already gone through this process about the CEH training providers they worked with.

Not only will you get real answers to your questions any recommendation that you can trust, but you also get “inside information” you simply would not have had access to otherwise.

Ask your employer if they have a relationship with CEH training providers

Another fantastic approach that you might want to leverage is asking your employer (current or the dream employer you’ve always wanted to work for) what CEH training providers and they recommend you move forward with.

This has a two-pronged effect on your career. On the one hand, you are going to get a high level CEH training that will give you all of the education and opportunities you need to successfully achieve your CEH certification. On the other, you’ll be getting this training and education from a CEH training provider that your employer or dream employer trusts completely – giving you a distinct edge advantage over other employee prospects.

Do a bit of digging all on your own to find what you feel is the best CEH training provider

Finally, you might just want to fire up Google and do a quick search for “CEH training providers” in your local area or online. You’ll obviously have a whole host of options to choose from, and spending a few hours doing a bit of research and due diligence can pay big dividends later down the line!

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The importance of CEH certification

Not all hackers are those little evil nerds hanging out in a basement somewhere, sipping soda in stealing private and sensitive data from unsuspecting people from anywhere around the globe.

In fact, most hackers are working for other side of “good” in the same way that certified ethical hackers do after they have successfully received their CEH certification.

You would be surprised to learn just how seriously these professionals take their CEH certification, and just how serious this kind of designation is taken in the information technology, information security, and data protection world. If you want to dive headfirst into this career opportunity, you’re going to need to pursue your CEH certification just as soon as humanly possible.

Do I really need my CEH certification?

It’s important to note that a CEH certification is not going to have really anything to do whatsoever with gauging your skills, knowledge, or abilities as a Certified Ethical Hacker – though it will show that you have at least a baseline education and the up to date information and knowledge that comes from taking the CEH certification education course and passing that examination.

This makes getting your CEH certification a little bit on the gray side of things, unless of course you are serious about pursuing corporate opportunities, government opportunities, or want to work with high level information security groups that have a CEH certification as a prerequisite.

In those situations, there might not be a more important certification out there.

How do I go about getting a CEH certification?

If you have decided that a CEH certification is of vital importance to you, your career, and your employment opportunities moving forward, it’s a pretty simple and streamlined process to getting the certification – though it may take a bit longer than you had anticipated.

First, you’ll need to seek out a CEH certification educational opportunity or training program that you can attend. Google is going to be your best friend here, as you’ll soon discover that there are a number of opportunities in your local area (as well as those distributed online).

Secondly, you’re going to need to sign up for that CEH certification opportunity, and go through all of the baseline educational ceh courses that they require. This could take anywhere between one year and three years depending upon the opportunity you are pursuing – and you’ll need to have at least two years of experience in the information security field before they will even accept you.

Finally, you’ll need to go through the CEH certification exam process. This is pretty simple and straightforward, and if you have applied yourself throughout the CEH education you’ll have no trouble whatsoever passing and receiving your new CEH certification.

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What is CEH certification?

Information security, data security, and all the tools and technologies used to protect (as well as to crack) in these systems are being engineered, designed, and developed at an almost breakneck pace today – proving just how important this field really is today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

However, when most people think of a hacker they think of a cyber-criminal first and foremost – but that may not be the world that certified ethical hackers live in.

Hopefully this quick breakdown of what the CEH certification is (and what CEH experts do) gives you the extra bit of inside knowledge you need to determine whether or not this is something worth pursuing for you!

What exactly is a CEH certification?

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification is a certification system established by the International Council of E-commerce Consultants, and is used to determine whether or not someone is completely versed in the latest and greatest tools, technologies, and theories behind information security, protection, and cybercrime.

Not your typical “hacker”, professionals that have attained their CEH certification our experts that work to help protect data, information, and critical details that cannot leak or be stolen through e-commerce (or any online technology, for that matter) solutions – they work to actively assault a specific security system to expose weaknesses and figure out how to patch those holes.

What do I have to do to achieve my CEH certification?

The pathway to achieving your CEH certification starts with you determining that you want to be in the information security field in the first place. From there, you’ll want to seek out CEH certification educational opportunities or training programs, moving swiftly through that program (or swiftly as you can) until you come to the CEH certification exam. After you pass this examination, you will be deemed a certified ethical hacker, and can put the certification to good use!

Is successfully achieving my CEH certification a critical step in my career path?

You may or may not want to pursue and successfully receive your CEH certification, as there is nothing whatsoever holding you back from pursuing this kind of work all on your own – though it could land you in some pretty hot water if you’re not able to successfully demonstrate that you were trying to help the people that were running that e-commerce solution or website that you were stealing data from.

After a successful CEH course, a CEH certification is definitely going to open up a tremendous amount of doors and opportunities for you career wise – making it one of the smarter investments you could decide to make right now.

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